Thursday, October 17, 2013

Midterm Assignments

Per the syllabus, your Midterm is due next week on Thursday, Oct. 24. 

If you turn in these two assignments (see below), you will get an "A" for 5% of your course grade.  If you do not turn in these assignments, or if you turn them in late, you will get a ZERO for 5% of your course grade.  You need a B- or better to apply to the FSEHD.  This assignment can take your grade from a 78% (C+) to an 83% (B-), a significant bump!  Similarly, it can drop your grade from an 83% to a 78%, essentially requiring you to retake the class.  Please take this assignment seriously.

Next Thursday:

1)  You must bring in a sealed, plain white envelop with your Midterm Letter inside. (I handed out the letter assignment in class on Thursday, Oct. 17.)

2) You must share your Blog Log with me by Sunday, Oct 20 at midnight.  First, make sure that your document is up to date.  Carefully self assess each blog you have written and give yourself a score in each column.  Then, open your Blog Log and click the blue SHARE button in the corner.
Then, where it says INVITE people, type my email address:  This will allow me access to view your document.


  1. Hi Dr.Bogad,
    when i was posting my blog it was acting funny so it ended up posting multiple times. The one that is most recent is the finished one.

  2. Hi Dr.Bogad,
    i just posted my blog log. I apologize for the late submission.

  3. I need you to add me so I can send you my Blog log. Thanksss