Thursday, November 7, 2013

Worth your 10 minute and 57 seconds...

We talked about allies today in class...  and we have also talked about making hard decisions about who you want to be as a teacher, youth worker, baker, or artist.  I saw this short Ted Talk tonight and thought of you.

Would love to hear what you think...


  1. Hi Dr. Bogad,
    This video was such an eye-opener for me. I never ever considered hard conversations as "closets." After thinking about my own life, I can see how this analogy is perfect. It's easier to hide in a closet then to be direct and who you are.

    After watching this video and reading "Safe Spaces" by Gerri August, I want to make sure that my classroom is a Safe Space. A place that a child can come out of their closet and not feel like they are not going to get hurt. If I'm learning anything in my Service Learning placement it's that a child is looking for someone to talk to. I see it every week I'm in my classrooms. When one of my students tries to sneak in a personal story into the conversation it looks like it took so much out of them to share it. This has only pushed me more and more to make sure that my classroom is a Safe Space for ALL of my students.

    Thanks so much for sharing this video!

  2. Dr Bogad,

    Dorothy texted me last night and told me to watch the video that you just posted. She said "I swear Dr. Bogad must be psychic. She always knows when to give us advice." I think she was able to point out a profound truth.

    Today I must write the third memo on a topic I chose for my teaching writing class, which is why the performing arts matters in a classroom. I'm starting to run out of ideas and feel like I'm just spewing out information instead of relating it to the subject at hand; writing!

    This memo will focus on the second aspect of three I am building my argument on. That second aspect is compassion and empathy. This video has given me a few ideas to talk about. Just as you have mentioned, I can relate coming out of the closet (having a hard conversation) with being an artist.

    When Ash Beckham said that "the only story that matters is the one you want to write", I saw the direction I wanted to take with my project. By sharing our stories, we invite people to understand and relate to who we are and what we are trying to say.

    Thanks for showing us more reasons for why it is key to make a safe space for everyone!

  3. Hi Dr. Bogad,
    this is an awesome video. I think anyone would be able to relate. Like Beckham says we all have our own closets. I think its so powerful that she expanded the "coming out of the closet" phrase for every human being not just LGBTQ's. Like Jocelyn says this also relates to August and the importance of creating safe spaces for everyone you encounter. Everyone is fighting a hard battle,